Two students reading a book.

Students keep us incredibly busy in the Media Center! We circulate an average of 700 books every day, and often more.
You are welcome to visit us every morning from 7:05AM (or after you have breakfast) until 1:50PM.

We love student volunteers! Fourth and fifth grade students interested in shelving books should see Mr. Bryan for information.

Important Reminders:
  • Please remember to bring your ID card when you visit the Media Center. All students are given one free ID. If it is lost, we will replace the ID for a small fee of $3.00. ID’s are needed to check out books.
  • If you are moving, please be sure to return all of your library books.
  • If a book is lost or damaged, please pay the replacement cost and help us keep our library collection complete.
  • For more detailed information about our library rules, link to this form:
  • Media Center Policy Form




Students usually visit our library at least once a week, and many come more frequently. You are allowed to borrow the following materials:

  • Kindergarten Students - One or two books
  • First & Second Grade Students - Two books
  • Third & Fourth Grade Students - Two books and a magazine
  • Fifth Grade Students - Three books and a magazine

Check Out Period:

  • Books – One week
  • Reference Sources – Three days
  • Magazines – Two days

You may renew books that you still need.

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